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August 13, 2020by tamarajohansen

Humans of Antinol – Celebrating the people who are making a difference in dogs lives


Marissa Hogarth


Frenchie Rescue Organiser

About Frenchie Rescue (French Bulldog Rescue & Adoption) & Marissa’s Purpose

To see the worry, leave their faces. Rescuing a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s a lot of hard work, but very rewarding. By taking an animal in need from a surrendering owner we prevent the dog spending anytime in a shelter or pound and take pressure off shelters or rescues. We have over 10 years’ experience with Frenchies and their unique personalities and health issues. 

What does a typical day look like in your world?

I get up around 6am and sit absorbing the quiet (the only time window when it is quiet) with a cuppa. Then it starts.  Multiple breakfasts to be prepared. Some are on special diets so its quite a marathon. They all get fresh meat which I travel 30 minutes to pick up twice a week. 

Then the special needs kids must have their nappies changed. Pie Pie and Sweetie have Spina bifida. Indy had a back operation but she does not have full use of her back legs (hardly any use at all to be honest). 

Then the first round of washing starts. Bedding. Endless loads of bedding. 

Groups of dogs are rotated out into fenced off sections of the yard. They play, and play and play until they scratch on, or bark at the back door. And so, it goes until they have all decided it’s time to be inside.

Watermelon time maybe! Frenchies love watermelon. Or rounds of medication. The girls with limited or no use of their legs need rehabilitation (massage, exercise and time in their wheelie carts).

The phone rings non-stop. Messenger and email pings on the PC and the phone. I talk to surrendering owners, potential adopters and foster carers. I visit the vet with no less than 4 dogs at a time, at least once every 10 days.  Or I might be going to pick up a dog or take a dog to a potential adopter. 

Then the night falls … surrounded by the snoring of multiple Frenchies I create homemade goodies to sell via our new Crafty Canine online store to raise much needed funds. 



This is Punch. When he came into rescue he was in so much pain from allergies and skin issues that he was angry and sad. He snapped and scratched and growled. 4 weeks on and he’s a content little mandog. He’s 7 and he looks 17.



This is Po. We drove almost to the South Australian border to pick her up. She has a has a heart condition, Pulmonic stenosis which in simple terms means she is not getting enough flow to the heart…at present we do not have enough info on how narrow that flow is till we see the Specialist on March the 7th who will tell us if she is a good candidate for a balloon valvuloplasty.  Poe also needs a soft palate and nares op, desexing and a possible Patella op…she has a massive road in front of her.


pastedGraphic.png     pastedGraphic.png

Poor little Connie, she has recently had one hip operated on and in three months’ time she will be back to get the other one done.

Rapid Fire Questions

Proudest achievement?

Keeping Frenchie Rescue alive and viable.

Which breed would best describe your personality and why?

French bulldog. Tenacious, determined and loyal.

Packaging rage – what product is responsible in your life?

Styrafoam – Frenchies think its fun to make plastic snow

Signature dance move?

Staying alive (barely)

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?


One thing you rarely admit to/guilty pleasure?


Ultimate dinner guests dead or alive?

My family – all in one place at the same time and very alive

Pet peeve?

People with no dog sense and full of ‘fur baby’ mentality

Alone time preferences?

Watching Netflix

What do you own that you wish you didn’t?

A mop – I hate mopping floors

Your family traditions only your family understands?

Dogs before us …

Last binge edible or otherwise?


In 2020 I will be….

A little wiser, a lot broker and a bit older.

And finally… Why Antinol?

Frenchies are gorgeous but they are full of design faults (one of God’s happy but flawed achievements) and Antinol gives them quality of life, increased mobility and decreased pain levels.

To find out more about Marissa & Frenchie Rescue here are their links:

Facebook: French Bulldog Rescue and Adoption Assoc. of Victoria Inc.

Instagram: @fbrescue



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