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Princess After Antinol | Antinol Australia Testimonials

Within 4 weeks Princess was noticeably more comfortable, less stiff and would sit straight.

Last year I noticed Princess was in a lot of pain. She wouldn’t go up or down stairs, wouldn’t settle easily, would sit to one side – never straight and was just very stiff. We booked her in for hydrotherapy twice a week which helped but she was still very stiff. X-rays shocked us at what we found – her right hip was only 10% in the socket and surrounded by osteoarthritis – no wonder she was so stiff. It was suggested at hydrotherapy that we supplement Princess with Antinol and whilst we were already giving other supplements, we thought why not give it a go. 

I was shocked with the results! Within 4 weeks Princess was noticeably more comfortable, less stiff and would sit straight. She plays with her brother and is just so much happier. We now have both her and our other dog on Antinol (as a precaution) and they are thriving on it. THANK YOU!


Aurora Testimonial | Antinol Australia | Natural Anti Inflammatory for Dogs

Once I started using Antinol Rapid I realised I would never stop!

For about two years prior to Antinol, Aurora suffered from an occasional lameness in her front right leg. It would flare up, out of the blue, so we would rest for a few days and it would go away and be back to normal. We never knew when it would flare up, but she was quite obviously in pain which was awful, but I didn’t want to continuously have her on anti-inflammatories so would just ride it out with rest.

We trialled other joint care supplements, but it didn’t seem to make any difference to her flare ups. We haven’t had a single flare up since starting on Antinol, and she seems to have so much more energy and fluid-ness of movement, I now recommend to everyone!

We have recently gotten back into dog sports and also go on lots of hikes/adventures and it’s a relief to know that I don’t have to worry any longer about her pulling up lame after a large training session, or a big adventure day!


Lucy & Larry Antinol Australia Testimonial

They have been on Antinol for two months and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Lucy is nearly 6 and Larry Jackpot is aged 3. Lucy’s coat has never been so thick and lustrous, she used to have itchy skin and that seems to have stopped too.

Larry Jackpot had an ACL operation in May and our vet recommended Antinol and it has really helped in his mobility and recovery.

Many many thanks for a great product and helping our fur babies that mean everything to us


Olive's testimonial | Antinol Australia

Your product has saved my sanity

My chronic allergy sufferer just stopped smelling and her ears cleared up on this! She’s on a very strict diet, golden paste, bone broth, daily antihistamines, fortnightly baths, cytopoint injections and daily ear flushed and ointment and we were still battling to keep her allergies at bay. Then I thought Oh I may as well just throw in antinol because I give to my other dogs and I’m honestly blown away. I could’ve cried I walked in my house and couldn’t smell her. I then sniffed her ears and nothing?! Then googled and realised it’s not just a joint supplement. I am absolutely amazed – no feet chewing, no rolling around groaning and best of all no yeasty stink. So thank you! So so much!


Keane Goldens Testimonials | Antinol Rapid Natural Anti Inflammatory for Dogs and Cats

I’m just so stoked with this product

Meet from L-R, Gunner 2 1/2, Aslan 4 1/2, Aurora 7, Caddie 12 and Kaala 11 yrs.

Both Azzie and Gunner are sons of Aurora.

“An update on my Golden Gunner. You may remember at 2 years of age he had been experiencing progressively worsening episodes of systems collapse every couple of months at just 2 years of age. His thyroid function almost non-existent poor immunity, really scary stuff. Over $5000 and still no diagnosis. I am thrilled to report not one further attack in almost 6 months and his anal gland issues have also cleared up! I also have started 3 other dogs – all Goldens on Antinol two who are 11 and 12 yrs.

Caddie at 12 has a slow form of Degenerative Myelopathy and laryngeal paralysis with outstanding results! He is back humping his blankets (didn’t realised he’s stopped lol) more hind end stability and moving more fluently and easily. Less husky and significantly reduced panting for the oesophageal paralysis.

My 11 yr old girl Kaala who is very well and more for preventative measures – she is more playful again with the younger dogs are her coat is lustrous.

And Aurora my 7 yr old goldie as a preventative measure.

I’ve recommended Antinol to several friends who I know have started as well. Also with amazing results! So thank you so much”


Pippa's Testimonial | Antinol Australia

It’s made such an incredible difference in such a short time

I have a 12 year old female Jack Russell who has two acl surgeries about 7 years ago. She was struggling always with soreness and having difficulty even getting on the couch. Thus she only had limited activity and had put on a bit of weight.

After starting Antinol within a week both my husband and I have noticed an amazing improvement in her mobility. She is running around on the beach like a dog like she did years ago.

She came 3rd in the UpDac nationals a few weeks ago in one of the games but if she had of been on Antinol then I certainly believe she would have even improved on that.

I am about to start my 14 year old Jack Russell on it too and hopefully we have the same results with him. I cannot thank this medication enough as other anti inflammatory medications have not made a difference to her. Here is a recent photo of her playing the sport she now loves and can compete in with no debilitating soreness.


Xia German Shepherd Testimonial for Antinol Australia Natural Antiinflammatory for dogs

The vet we saw recently was amazed at how well she is doing and so impressed that Xia shows no signs of pain!

So now that I’m 18 months old my pawrents got some more xray’s done on my funny legs and it’s good news! I don’t need surgery right now and the vet was really happy with how I’ve grown!  Xia’s front leg deformity is due to premature closing of her growth plates which caused her legs to turn out and some elbow issues – along with other things. 12 months ago we had very knowledgeable vets tell us our options where very limited and they actually supported putting her to sleep! Thankfully there was another option that came about thanks to a beautiful insta friend who we’ll be forever grateful to. We put Xia on a raw diet and managed her pain on natural pain relief. Today Xia only gets Antinol and turmeric to manage her condition, along with her raw diet. The vet we saw recently was amazed at how well she is doing and so impressed that Xia shows no signs of pain! Xia’s legs will always turn out and we may need to operate one day on her right elbow but nothing right now. We are just grateful for every day we get with our beautiful girl.


I am glad to have the old Crikey back and feel we would have lost him by now if it wasn’t for Antinol.

Thank you for allowing Crikey to have access to Antinol. He smiles at me again when he sees me, and is alert and interested in chasing the cat and greeting anyone who knocks on the front door. Because he is a rescue dog we don’t have an actual age but he is 17 or close to it.

CRIKEY'S HUMANMaisie Statham

Teenie the Pom - Antinol Australia Testimonial

A very impressed dog mum

It’s pretty cool when you see your dog transform back into a puppy, and that’s exactly what Antinol Rapid has done for us!

Teenie isn’t old, she’s turning 5 next Feb, but she’s had luxating patellas since she was a puppy. She never showed any clinical signs so we opted not to go ahead with surgery. Upon discovering that Antinol could be used for general orthopaedic care, I decided to try it out. Teenie has been on Antinol daily for almost a month now and the difference in her energy and playfulness is crazy! She never showed any signs of pain or discomfort in my eyes (fetched balls at the park with no problem, jumped up and down with no issues, etc) but Antinol has clearly proven that she was feeling the effects of inflammation overtime. For any pup with orthopaedic concerns, I highly recommend giving it a try! Not sponsored, just a very impressed dog mum.


She loves her walks and can now walk a lot further with no after pain.

I put my 12 year old Newfoundland on Antinol as she was having difficulty with walking and pain when she stood up. After taking her to the vet who gave her some tablets, this didn’t work so I was sent to some specialists. They kept Matilda in for 2 days and did every test known to man, even had a dog lumber puncture. Nothing helped so I started her on Antinol. She’s been on it for three months but I saw a significant improvement in just 2-3 weeks. Thank you so much, she loves her walks and can now walk a lot further with no after pain. AMAZING!


Franklin | Testimonial Antinol Australia

Antinol has changed Franklin’s life

Franklin started Antinol as a dog who wouldn’t play, wouldn’t wander around, stayed in bed, couldn’t sit, would only lay, to a dog that runs and plays and finally looks happy. Antinol has changed Franklin’s life and I can now see him having many more years in comfort. Franklin was meant to start steroid injection and anti-inflammatory medications but thanks to Antinol he can avoid that now. I am so so thankful for Antinol.


German Shepherd Puppy Antinol Testimonials

She has more energy and is a completely different puppy

We started on Antinol 2 weeks ago when we noticed our puppy had some soreness in her legs causing her discomfort and she wasn’t wanting to join in playing with her brother often preferring to sit and watch. Since starting on Antinol within a fortnight we have noticed a huge change this included wanting to play with her brother, she seems happier and now enjoys running in the backyard, she has more energy and is a completely different puppy.

Willow's Testimonial Antinol Australia Natural AntiInflammatory for Dogs

She acts like a dog her age should be acting

Willow unfortunately sustained an injury to her hind leg when she was a baby resulting in her being in a cast and brace for a few months and needing on going physiotherapy and due to this injury has issues using it from time to time or gets tender after long or strenuous work.

Since starting Antinol and trying the brand new Antinol Rapid the transformation is amazing. She acts like a dog her age should be acting. She loves going weekly to obedience classes, agility classes, trick dog classes and rally-o classes.

She also enjoys playing with her friends at the park and lets everyone she meets and her instagram fans know about the amazing benefits of Antinol.


Harvey the Whippet Testimonial | Antinol Australia | Natural Anti Inflammatory for Dogs

We love Antinol Rapid and use it daily for Harvey

Harvey was first introduced to Antinol Rapid after we found he was pulling up sore after agility and flyball. After monitoring the injury with the use of Antinol we noticed that getting back into the sports he ran harder and jumped higher. We found he was so much more spirited and enthusiastic during activities. We were blown away by the changes we were seeing and have not stopped using Antinol daily since. We recommend it to everyone. Harvey even loves the taste of it on its own!


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