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Barry and Bria - Flyball Whippets

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Barry, Bria, and Whippets

Our November Facebook Cover Models and we couldn’t wait to feature them and all they get up to. From Flyball to zoomies, these Whippets certainly live their best life.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and how long have you been a dog mum for?

We live in the Sutherland Shire, South of Sydney. We’ve actually recently bought a new house, deliberately upsizing so the pups have more ‘zoomie’ space! I’ve lived with family dogs most of my life, but have been an official ‘dog mum’ to Barry and Bria for two years now. Everything we do is to make sure they have the best life possible.

About Barry and Bria:

Two Whippets barry and bria that use Antinol basking in the sun with a head tiltIt’s funny because their personalities are so polar opposite for dogs of the same breed and age (both recently turned two).

Barry always looks concerned, you can see him thinking and considering everything. He’s so extremely cuddly and very vocal for a Whippet. We ended up purchasing buttons and taught him to communicate with words. He picked it up so quick and chats to us on the buttons constantly. He’s also a very lazy boy, not a morning dog in the slightest and prefers to stay in bed all day.

Bria is way more independent. She’s such a happy dog all the time and constantly has a wiggle butt. She carries a toy around with her and offers it to people to say hello. She’s absolutely wild and is the queen of couch parkour. She never stops all day and is either out hunting lizards or exploring the yard. She’s 100% a morning girl and wakes Barry up all the time. She’ll slap him in the face or pounce on him, it’s very amusing.

Despite their differences, they are completely bonded. They bring the best out in each other and love each other like crazy.

What attracted you to Whippets as a breed? Are these your first Whippets?

We did a LOT of research to find the right breed for us. We were after a dog that would be very active in short bursts but also able to chill out and be a lounge lizard. We initially had a smaller home so wanted a dog that would be comfortable in a smaller space.

We also were after an affectionate dog, my husband’s family dog was a complete cuddle bug, which we loved. Whippets are like that but so much more. I didn’t think we’d find a more affectionate breed.

Barry was our first Whippet and it was just the best decision for us. Bria joined us a few months later and made our family complete.

Tell us about their life, what do you get up to day to day? Do they participate in dog sports?

two whippets in jackets laying together in the sun with healthy skinTheir day consists of a lot of sleeping. They love to lounge in the sun or on the couch; Often Barry stays in bed all morning. They love their walks with their human grandparents and also the time we spend at the park or beach with a ball or frisbee. We spend a lot of the day talking with their buttons too, they tell us when they want to play, if they want a cuddle and can be quite demanding when it’s time for dinner!

As far as dog sports go, we train in Flyball. Barry loves Flyball, he’s crazy for it. He loves watching his team race and goes nuts when it’s his turn. He’s so close to being comp ready, so watch this space!

How do you ensure they are confident navigating life?

We made sure to socialise them early to loud noises, new environments and being around new people. We love doing things that bring out their confidence like Flyball or running along the beach. When they are happiest, they are the most confident.

What are some considerations of caring for Whippets? Do they have any special requirements?

antinol whippet jumping over flyball jump with tongue outWhippets can get cold very easy and overheat easily too. They have no undercoat and very thin fur so we need to make sure they stay cool during summer or rug up in a jumper during winter. Their thin coat and skin means they also scratch very easily too so it’s something to be aware of for potential injuries. They are best suited for a home that will allow them indoors and I find they are a breed that require companionship.

Whippets are also extremely fast and have a high prey drive so recall training is important if you want to be able to have them off lead.

They play quite different to other breeds and can be quite rough. Lots of bitey face, making noises and wrestling. It can make visitors quite alarmed but it’s nothing to worry about. In a multi Whippet household, it’s just the norm!

What do you feed them?

We feed a hybrid diet which mostly consists of premade raw such as Big Dog. They love their raw food! We also feed non weight bearing bones like chicken necks as well as hemp and Antinol daily. It’s important for us to keep them in a good and healthy condition. When it’s treato time, they devour dehydrated whole fish and chomp on beef trachea.

How long have you been using Antinol for? Have you noticed any changes?

Barry has been on Antinol from about 16 weeks old and Bria from about 6 months old when she joined our family. Their coat is always so very shiny and it has definitely helped Barry’s skin. He’s prone to allergies which Antinol has been great for. Antinol is also our number 1 preventative. It’s absolutely helped speed up recovery from injuries, getting them back to their usual selves!

What are your goals for the future with each dog?

We would love to get Barry up and comp ready for Flyball. He’s close, so when the day comes it’ll be emotional for us after training up to this moment for so long. For Bria, whilst we love our dog sports, we want to find something that she truly loves but if that’s not Flyball, then that’s okay. We want her to live life to the fullest and to continue being the happy dog she is.

Anything else:

Whippets will keep you on your toes and always make you laugh. They are incredibly loyal and bond deeply with their family. They are free-spirited but also will become your shadow. There is never a dull moment owning Whippets!

two whippets playing outside pain free with a frisbee

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