Quick Overview

Join us for our engaging and informative Lunch + Learn sessions hosted by Antinol! These virtual sessions, conducted via Google Meet, are designed to educate and connect our team in a convenient and interactive format.

In a market flooded with pet supplements, discover how Antinol's unmatched quality and scientifically proven efficacy set it apart from competitors. Learn how Antinol can become a key component of your patients' treatment plans and benefit your clinic.

Already stock Antinol? No problem! A Lunch and Learn session is a perfect opportunity to educate new staff or refresh the knowledge of existing Antinol advocates.

Key Details

  • Format: Virtual, with a link sent through and sharing enabled for remote access.
  • Platform: Google Meet.
  • Duration: 1 hour.
  • Scheduling: 12-2pm, Monday to Friday. (If this timing isn’t feasible, please email us.)
  • Presentation: Approximately 25-minute session to educate the team about Antinol.
  • Q&A: Interactive question and answer segment.
  • Lunch: Provided by Antinol.
  • Exclusive deals: Access promotional buy-in deals for new clinics.

What will we learn?

  • About Antinol: Understand what Antinol is, its ingredients, and the manufacturing process.
  • Indications and Efficacy: Learn what Antinol is indicated for and explore the scientific studies supporting our claims.
  • Unique Benefits: Discover what makes Antinol unique in the supplement market.
  • Usage and Integration: Learn how to administer Antinol and incorporate it into veterinary treatment plans.

About Antinol

Antinol® Plus is a potent natural joint and wellness supplement transforming the lives of dogs and cats. Clinically proven to support joint health, each softgel contains a patented blend of marine lipid oils that are fully traceable, sustainably sourced, and free from preservatives and fillers. This powerful blend, called EAB-277™ (Enhanced Animal Blend), harnesses unique nutrient synergy to deliver optimal benefits.

EAB-277™ provides the full spectrum of Omega-3s in a highly bioavailable form, along with essential Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs) and antioxidants. It is formulated to maximize benefits with no known serious side effects.



potent + patented concentrated formula


peer-reviewed journals


green-lipped mussels in each capsule


Sourcing + farming from NZ

Antinol®️ fast facts

Enhanced joint comfort and mobility

Anti-inflammatory action

May help relieve occasional discomfort and inflammation

Supports healthy skin + a shiny coat

Helps maintain healthy brain function

Safe for long-term use

About Georgie

Georgie is the Education and Relationship Manager at Antinol®, bringing a wealth of experience from a 15-year career in veterinary nursing within small animal clinics. With a lifelong passion for animals, Georgie has explored various facets of animal-related industries, enriching her expertise and commitment to animal welfare.

Sami, her previous 17-year-old Labrador, was the spark that ignited Georgie’s Antinol® journey. Witnessing the incredible transformation in her well-being after commencing Antinol® drove her to become a dedicated Antinol® advocate, eager for others to experience the benefits for themselves!

Currently residing in the picturesque region of Gippsland, Victoria, Georgie lives on a charming hobby farm with her husband and an eclectic collection of rescue animals, including fish, sheep, poultry, and cats. 

In her role at Antinol®, Georgie leverages her extensive background and passion for animals to educate and build meaningful relationships, advocating for the health and well-being of pets everywhere. Contact Georgie here.

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lunch & learn FAQs

  • How does lunch work?

    Our Learning sessions are conducted remotely for convenience. To ensure a smooth experience, we ask that clinics arrange their own lunch in advance, either by pickup or delivery. Antinol will cover the costs of lunch up to $20 per participant and delivery fees. A reimbursement form will be emailed after the session. Please keep your receipt and submit it within 5 days.

  • Who can attend?

    Because Antinol offers widespread benefits, we encourage everyone on your team to participate

  • The available times don’t suit. Can I request a time outside of those displayed?

    Yes, we are flexible and can accommodate alternative times. Please contact Georgie to arrange a suitable session (georgie@vetzpetz.com)

  • How do I register for a Lunch and Learn session?

    You can register by choosing from the available options on the calendar below and filling out a short form with your clinic details!From here you will receive an email confirming all the details of the booked session.

  • Can the session be customised to our clinic’s specific needs?

    Absolutely! Please let us know in advance if there are specific topics or questions you’d like us to address, and we will tailor the session accordingly.

  • What if I need to cancel or reschedule our session?

    Please contact our coordinator as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule. We understand that schedules can change and will work with you to find a new suitable time.

  • Will there be opportunities for follow-up after the session?

    Yes, we encourage ongoing communication. Our team is available for any additional questions or support you may need following the session.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants required?

    We recommend at least 3 participants to ensure an interactive session. There is no maximum limit, but please inform us of the expected number of attendees for logistical purposes.

  • Any other questions?

    Contact Georgie directly:
    Phone: +61 430 047 800