A very impressed dog mum

A very impressed dog mum

By Antinol Team

Written with love

It’s pretty cool when you see your dog transform back into a puppy, and that’s exactly what Antinol Rapid has done for us!

Teenie isn’t old, she’s turning 5 next Feb, but she’s had luxating patellas since she was a puppy. She never showed any clinical signs so we opted not to go ahead with surgery. Upon discovering that Antinol could be used for general orthopaedic care, I decided to try it out. Teenie has been on Antinol daily for almost a month now and the difference in her energy and playfulness is crazy! She never showed any signs of pain or discomfort in my eyes (fetched balls at the park with no problem, jumped up and down with no issues, etc) but Antinol has clearly proven that she was feeling the effects of inflammation overtime. For any pup with orthopaedic concerns, I highly recommend giving it a try! Not sponsored, just a very impressed dog mum.

Teenie's Human Review

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