Your product has saved my sanity

Your product has saved my sanity

By Antinol Team

Written with love

My chronic allergy sufferer just stopped smelling and her ears cleared up on this! She’s on a very strict diet, golden paste, bone broth, daily antihistamines, fortnightly baths, cytopoint injections and daily ear flushed and ointment and we were still battling to keep her allergies at bay. Then I thought Oh I may as well just throw in antinol because I give to my other dogs and I’m honestly blown away. I could’ve cried I walked in my house and couldn’t smell her. I then sniffed her ears and nothing?! Then googled and realised it’s not just a joint supplement. I am absolutely amazed – no feet chewing, no rolling around groaning and best of all no yeasty stink. So thank you! So so much!

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