Module 1 - Skin Health

Review the science of skin such as fatty acids and how skin inflammation occur. This module also covers how Antinol® can support skin health.

Module 2 - Coat Health

This Module explains the importance of a dog's coat such as thermoregulation, protection and communication. The science of hair growth is also explored alongside the benefits of the fatty acids within Antinol® for promoting hair + coat health.

Module 3 - Joint Health

Explore joint anatomy and the signs of arthritis in dogs to look out for. This Module also covers what exactly is happening when a joint is inflamed and the science behind the anti-inflammatory properties of Antinol®.

Module 4 - Recommending Antinol®

This Module is an overall summary of what Antinol® is, how it is produced and most importantly, how it works. For any questions about Antinol® your clients may ask, this Module has the answers.