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Antinol®️ Plus for Cats - 10% Off Subscription

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Sign up for a subscription before 31st July 2024 and lock-in your 10% off for your next 4 orders.

Promo: 10% off subscription (up to 4 purchases, 10% off each one)

Promo date: 5th July - 31st July. 

  • 60 caps: $61.80 -> Now $55.62 per order for 4 orders
  • 120 caps: $110.60 -> Now $99.54 per order for 4 orders
  • 60 Easy-Feed caps: $65.00 -> Now $58.50 per order for 4 orders
  • 90 Easy-Feed caps: $110.60 -> Now $79.65 per order for 4 orders

Does your cat rule the roost and expect nothing but the best to touch their whiskers? Ours too, that's why having a 100% natural anti-inflammatory is so important to us. Antinol® Plus is a natural, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant support for your cat's joint health, skin, and general well-being.

To get 10% Off use the code "ANTINOLXMAS" at the checkout

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Regular price $65.00
$65.00 Regular price Sale price


  • What are the terms and conditions?

    1. This offer must be redeemed between 29th May - 1st July 2024.

    2. When you start this subscription plan, you will receive 10% off each purchase only up to 4 times; you cannot cancel your subscription until after the 4th payment cycle

    3. This offer is only applicable to new subscriptions for the 60, 90 and 180 capsule packs of Antinol® Plus and 120 Easy-Feed capsule packs of Antinol® Plus for Dogs and the 60 and 120 capsule packs of Antinol® Plus and 60 and 90 Easy-Feed capsule packs of Antinol® Plus for Cats.

    4. After the 4th payment cycle, your subscription will revert to the standard 5% off subscription plans

    5. Offer only applicable to customers who are not an existing subscriber.

    6. By purchasing an Antinol® subscription through this offer, the customer agrees that they are unable to cancel their subscription until 4 payment cycles have occurred

  • It's my first time buying Antinol. Can I subscribe right away?

    Yes, you can. We still recommend you double-dose during the first two weeks. After your first order, we recommend you move up your second order to an earlier date so it arrives before you run out.

  • Can I purchase this and ship it to my friend or family's address?

    Of course. Just enter the address you want to send it to at shipping address step on the checkout page.

  • Do you offer the 60-day risk free trial on this product?

    Yes. If it's your very first purchase with us this product is covered by our money-back gurantee.

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