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Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) Powder vs Antinol (Lipid Oil)

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Green lipped mussel extract is derived exclusively from Perna Canaliculus mussels from licenced marine farms in New Zealand.

It’s known as a power house anti-inflammatory supplement and this reputation can be largely attributed to the body of science behind it’s lipid oil fractions.

There is no legal definition of what can and cannot be called a green-lipped mussel extract and it can cause confusion.
The price of the extract in powder form varies considerable depending on the processing and content of lipids.


Green Lipped Mussels are not endless in supply. There is a limit to how many can be harvested each year, the quality varies and the race to extend the amount of powder produced or use the lesser quality ones but sell at an excellent quality price has become a real problem within the industry. The bottom line is that it is almost impossible to for consumers to know what exactly is their green lipped mussel extract unless they are able to obtain evidence from the manufacturer.
For example there is a Green Mussel from Asia called Perna Viridis that looks remarkably similar to the NZ Green lipped mussel Perna Canaliculus and is labelled as Green Mussel or imported into NZ and labelled as made in New Zealand. It always pays to check the label and ask the manufacturer for evidence.


The lipid oil is extracted from stabilised GLM powder and only the ACTIVE COMPOUND is extracted.. The level of anti-inflammatory lipid fractions in stabilised mussel powder is extremely low coming in at approximately 5%. The remaining 95 per cent consists of proteins, ash (shell) and other components of the green-shelled mussel powder. For example 100kg of GLM meat will yield only 1kg of oil OR 25kg of powder.

Only a handful of companies worldwide can produce stabilised GLM powder – that is they hold the evidence to show that it actually is free from oxidation. The cost of the product will always reflect if it actually is stabilised or not as this process cannot be done cheaply.
It is often just claimed or inferred via adding an antioxidant such as vitamin E or stabilisers that it is stabilised but it is often not the case.
Without stabilisation the lipid fractions in GLM extract have little to no anti-inflammatory activity as they oxidise quickly and lose their therapeutic properties.


This oxidation process also has implications on the other components of GLM powder like betaine, GAGs and amino acids that can turn rancid and neutralise. In almost all cases stabilisers and other additives including chemical solvents have been used to prevent the mussels from oxidising – look for words such as “encapsulation aids” or ask directly for the excipients. There are major variances in quality and outcome of finished product including oxidisation/rancidity over time, salt and toxin content and excess proteinaceous allergens.

❌Steaming, heat, freeze drying without being stabilised, snap drying all impact the end quality of the powder.
❌In almost all cases stabilisers and other additives including chemical solvents have been used to prevent the mussels from oxidising.

⭕️The anti-inflammatory power of the Green-lipped mussel comes predominantly from non-polar lipids and that’s exactly what is in Antinol.
⭕️Antinol’s GLM component is greater than 99.9% oil stabilised prior to extraction with no solvent residue.
⭕️This is due to the CO2 supercritical extraction technology that removes just the bioactive therapeutic anti-inflammatory lipids – nothing else – and keeps the nutrient profile protected and pure.

⭕️Antinol’s extract is greater than 99.99% lipid fractions. GLM powder will break down typically to 55% protein / 18% salt / 15% carbs and 12% oil (varies from product to product)
⭕️This means that for dogs who need to be careful with amino acids such as Methionine or Cystine or who need to avoid purines or foods/supplements that have shellfish warnings are able to use Antinol

⭕️Antinol has no proteins, no allergens, no toxicity, no heavy metals, is fully traceable, stabilised and is GMO-free

⭕️Antinol has Full toxicology data and full blood panels of dogs who have been on the product long-term.

⭕️When looking at the anti-inflammatory effect the lipid fractions in Antinol are indicated to be some 125 x more potent when compared to powder and even if the powder is treated with stabilisers you would require somewhere in the vicinity of 10-12 x 500mg capsules per one Antinol.

Depending on the source of your Green Lipped Mussel powder you may well be adding inflammation through oxidative stress – exactly what you are trying to prevent.


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