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Being Better with Brittany Young

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Humans of Antinol: Brittany Young

Celebrating the people who are making a difference in dogs lives

Name: Brittany Young


The Pet Girl/ That Dog School
Animal Trainer, Animal Nutritionist, Canine Athlete Specialist

Overview of your business:

The Pet Girl provides an array of services from in home private training and behaviour modification, nutrition consultations and strength and conditioning programs. My goal is to help pet parents achieve a stronger mind and healthier body for their pets through training, biological fulfilment and nutrition.

That Dog School is a community dog obedience school that offers classes, workshops and seminars from puppies to senior dogs. Our focus is to build more confident, happy, healthy, obedient dogs and make the relationship between pet parent and dog awesome.



Pet parent status?

I am truly a slave to 5 beautiful, unique girls.

Yogi, Border Collie X 8 years old

Pepsi, Labrador 7 years old

Binti, Shetland Sheepdog 5 years old

Vixen, Border Collie 2 years old

Bullseye, Domestic Short Hair, 2 years old

My husband already had Yogi and Pepsi, and they were around a year and a bit when I first became their pet parent. However, I knew them both from puppyhood. Part of my love story was that I worked in a café next door to the girls and I would sneak in and play with them both on my lunch break, whilst my husband-to-be was out working.

Binti was the next addition to our little family. My family had always had Shelties growing up and I was lucky to get a puppy from the same breeder that sold my mum her first Sheltie at 19 years old!

Then, as self-proclaimed “DOG ONLY” people, my husband and I walked into the Animal Welfare League and fell madly in love with our first cat Gidget, a domestic short hair. Her life was tragically cut short by a genetic disease, leaving a HUGE hole in our hearts. This is where our beloved Bullseye jumped into our lives. We are so grateful that Gidget prepared us for the craziness known as Bullseye.

The final addition to the family was Vixen, a working line Border Collie. They say that you don’t get the dog you want, but more so the dog you need. Vixen was sent to this earth to make me a better trainer and has been doing so from the minute I picked her up.

What does a typical day look like in your world?

My day is constantly changing. Normally I spend early hours of the morning enjoying my coffee and hanging with the dogs on our deck. This is where all the sneaky cuddles occur. We then explore the property or go on an adventure such as a hike or beach trip. If I am working from home the dogs enjoy multiple sessions of property exploring and swimming in the dam. We wrap it all up with a nutritious fresh food meal.

Rapid Fire Questions

Proudest achievement?

Becoming a Queensland Police Officer 5 or so years ago.

Which breed would best describe your personality and why?

I’d love to say a Labrador but with a bit more sass and attitude like a “Vixen” LOL.

What items in your wardrobe are on high rotation?

Kathmandu pants and dog training tee’s.

Signature dance move?

The “scoop an ice cream”

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Homemade Maltese ravioli.

One thing you rarely admit to/guilty pleasure?

I still sleep with my childhood teddy bear Boobbie.

Ultimate dinner guests dead or alive?

My Dad.

Pet peeve?

“Don’t worry! My dog is friendly!”, as an off lead dog is running over to my dogs on lead in an on lead area.

Alone time preferences?

Pasta, garlic bread, red wine, dogs, cat and Suits on Netflix!

What do you own that you wish you didn’t?

Some days, an iPhone!

Your family traditions only your family understands?

Reading The Night Before Christmas and checking for reindeer on Christmas Eve.

Last binge ?

Mc Donald’s.

In 2021 I will be….

Helping more and more pet parents create dogs with stronger minds and healthier bodies.

And finally why Antinol?

I started on Antinol because good friend Sacha Packer swore to me that it was the real deal. The changes I saw in my Labrador after 3 days were absolutely remarkable. From a dog that seemed uninterested in the world, and never ever ran around with the other dogs, to a dog that for the first time in 5 years ACTUALLY initiated play with another dog and got the zoomies daily! I have never seen a change so dramatic. From that day forward all my girls are on Antinol Rapid daily!

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