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Blue the Border Collie versus CDA Gene

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Effects of Antinol Rapid on Colour Dilution Alopecia (CDA)

on a puppy from 8 weeks of age in a dog.

Meet Blue a smooth coated working Border Collie.

He was DNA tested as a puppy and was positive for a relatively rare genetic condition called Colour Dilution Alopecia (CDA).

We jumped at the chance to see what influence use of Antinol from the 8-week mark would have on this disease and his owner agreed to monitor and track Blue’s progress.

As a puppy who was also destined to be a sporting dog we also wanted to monitor things like influence across trainability, general development and health/wellness.


Colour dilution alopecia (CDA)is a genetic-based skin disease with delayed onset mainly seen in “blue” and other colour-diluted dogs. The initial clinical signs are gradual onset of a dull, dry and poor hair coat quality.

Hair breakage and hair loss in colour dilute areas usually begins in late puppyhood or young adulthood and may progress to total hair loss over several years.

Hair shafts and hair regrowth are poor.

The underlying skin is normal, but the hair follicles often become clogged with skin cells and fragments of broken hairs, leading to secondary bacterial skin infection/folliculitis.


Blue is a working Border Collie, he is DNA tested and CDA affected. I researched a lot about his condition as I was keen to give him the best start I could. Reading full spectrum omegas was the best start, I was excited to begin Blue with Antinol Rapid right at 8 weeks of age to support his immune system.

Diet: Fresh food and Raw diet from 3 weeks ;including rotation of meats, fish, eggs, bones, veggies, kefir, bone broth, prime 100 and freeze dried raw (Ziwi peak and Providore)

Supplements: Antinol Rapid x 1 a day

Blue’s coat was a bit sparse and elbows, bottom and back legs was a bit light with hair.


He is a super biddable puppy, always wanting to do the right thing. From a very young age he has a mature brain. His coat was doing well and no signs of hair loss from his CDA.


Blue and I had started an online course working on foundations for agility. He surprised me for such a young pup, learning super quick with only minimal training. I don’t like to over train my pups or do too many repetitions so he is definitely a quick learner.

I believe his cognitive ability was definitely impressive for a young dog even with distractions. Blue’s coat was doing well, his fur was growing well and he had a covering on his ears. He started to develop white flecks in his tail which I was unsure if that was caused by his coat condition.


1 cap Once a Day. Blues coat was doing well but I started to notice his ears were a little thinner (see right picture) and his hocks also looked thinner (see left picture). I continued on 1 cap a day with his raw and fresh food feeding.


Increased Antinol Rapid to 2 capsules once a day

Blue started going through a fear stage and was quite spooky with people. I had also noticed his hocks, back of his legs (see right picture) and ears (see left picture) were sparse. I decided to increase Blue to 2 capsules of Antinol Rapid to help with his coat and fear stage.

At this time we had been in lockdown so that didn’t help either with the lack of socialisation available. But he continued to be an amazing learner. We had experienced issues like trying to chase cars on our walks. I trained him to tug when a car came past and after a few weeks of training he stopped this dangerous behaviour and will look but keep walking or look back at me. He is a super good boy.


Returned to 1 capsule once a day. Wow! I didn’t realise until I posted this photo (picture below), what an amazing change in his coat in 2 months! So thick and shiny! He actually was growing an undercoat, which I didn’t think a dog with CDA is supposed to be able to grow!

He started coming out of his fear stage and growing into a more confident pup. Working him off lead in parks, cars close by and other dogs around with confidence and not even thinking of leaving me. His ears were definitely more covered, hocks and back of legs more fur and tail longer hair and less white flecks.


1 capsule Once a Day. Blues coat has continued to develop, he has quite a thick undercoat, coat is so shiny, thick tail hair. I am very happy with him. As I am aware that CDA can sometimes develop up-to 18 months in rare cases, I will continue to support him with Antinol, fresh food feeding and raw.

I recently visited a Muscle Therapist, and she said his coat is amazing for a smooth, beautiful. She didn’t know he has CDA. His muscle tone, skin and coat is amazing. I am so glad he is on this amazing product. Thank you.

Blue returned to 2 capsules a day as he started to compete in Agility, was training hard and had reached 19kg. He continues to do super well and is now 22 months old.

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