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Christine and life working with the RSPCA NSW

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By Antinol Team

We had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Christine from RSPCA NSW. She is a beautiful person inside and out and here's what she had to say about her life and working with RSPCA NSW! 

Tell us about you and your pets!

 Anyone who speaks to me for more than a minute will know my love of animals great and small and that it makes up a huge part of who I am (I think it was destiny I was always going to end up working for the RSPCA).

My love of all animals has meant that throughout the years I have had dogs, reptiles, rats, a rabbit, birds, fish and an axolotl. I have also had the honour of fostering kittens and cats.

My family at the moment (I say moment – because you bet I am always asking to welcome new babies into our family) my husband, two human babies, 3 dogs (Asher – Finnish Lapphund, Charlie – Shetland Sheepdog and Chevy – Pug x Frenchie x JRT), 2 birds (Mochi – Conure, Tilly – Cockatiel), Piopi my central bearded dragon and an axolotl named Pickles.  

A lot of people ask how I manage with so many animals – truth is I couldn’t imagine my life without them and they make me happy.

How long have you been working with RSPCA, what is your role and career background that led you to where you are now?

 I have been working for RSPCA NSW for a little over a year – but again I always think I was destined to be here. I don’t see myself anywhere else for so many reasons!

My current role here is the Corporate Philanthropy Officer. I look after the acquisition and retention of RSPCA NSW and National corporate partners and sponsors for fundraising campaigns, events, donations (cash and in-kind) and the Workplace Giving program. It was my love of the Antinol product that I have used for my dogs for many years that led me to reach out to the Antinol team to see how we could work together – I am so glad that I did.

The road that led me here is a winding one – but everything was for a reason. I studied Marketing and Management at the University of Technology Sydney and when I graduated with a Bachelor of Business, I spent over a decade in the wine industry with my focus on partnerships and marketing. When covid hit, I did some soul searching and I knew I needed to be in the animal industry. I was happy to do anything if it meant working with animals.

I was an Animal attendant for a year, while studying vet nursing and then the Foster Care role came up within RSPCA NSW.

I was in that role for approx. 8 months and then I saw the Philanthropy role which was a great mix of my corporate background with my knowledge and passion for animals. I could truly make a huge difference to the lives of animals on a great scale – I truly believe that is my meaning in life. So here I am, I love what I do and I cannot see myself anywhere else.

What are your favourite things about working for RSPCA?

What RSPCA has done for animal welfare and what it continues to do.The passion that all staff have for the animals, it feels like home and I am with my people. I also get to spend time with animals – this is the most important thing to me. My colleagues and the organisation really listen to ideas on how to make the lives of animals better – I feel I have a voice and can make a difference.

 Is there any animal that has come through the rescue that was extra special and has always had a place in your heart? What was their story?

 There have been so many beautiful cats and dogs that I have met that I have formed special connections with. However, there are three that will always have a special place in my heart.

I had rescued a beautiful Samoyed, she was my soul dog and she had passed away when I was in the Foster Care role. Even writing this, I have tears in my eyes. The day I came back to work, there were 2x foster requests for 2x Samoyeds. I can tell you now, Samoyeds are very rare in the shelter. It was like my girl had sent them to me. One of the Samoyeds now called Cailin was adopted by a dear friend who works at the RSPCA, I recently looked after her while her Mum was on holidays. The other Samoyed Poro, I am still in contact with his Mum to this day. He is such a special boy, but so is his Mum. The day I called her to foster Poro – I knew she would be the perfect carer, so perfect she ended up adopting him.

Then there was D’albie. The little white kitten who I was fostering and fell in love with. The problem with my household is my husband is allergic and one of my dogs is anti-cat. I have a special room that is detached from the house so I can do my feline fostering. The bond I formed with D’albie was incredible, he was the first kitten I truly couldn’t let go. The morning I was dropping him back to the shelter I rang my best friend in tears, and he said “I am going to adopt him”. They fell in love instantly and again to this day I see him almost weekly.

What would you tell someone who is deciding whether to get a rescue? 

It will be the best thing and most rewarding thing you ever do. I encourage you to go to a shelter – any shelter. Just walk around and meet the animals – give them the time.

Shelter animals do have a background, most of them have come from less than ideal circumstances so you do have to go in with an open mind.

But I can speak from experience the dogs I have rescued have been the most precious babies. I knew what their personalities were and could gauge the connection when we met. That is something you cannot get when adopting from a breeder.  

I also have a love for senior pets, puppies are gorgeous but there are so many benefits with adopting an older dog. Above all you will be supporting a shelter and finding your forever pet giving it the best life and showing them humans can be good – what could be better than that?

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