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Fido Hydro - Andrea Calistro

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Humans of Antinol: Fido Hydro

Celebrating the people who are making a difference in dogs lives, such as Fido Hydro


Andrea Calistro – qualified Canine Hydrotherapist


Owner Operator of FIDO HYDRO – canine hydrotherapy facility in Ballarat Victoria Australia. I am extremely passionate about animal rehabilitation and as a member of ACRA I am committed to supporting dogs and their human companions of Regional Victoria, through my professionalism, staying current with the latest technology and treatment advances; supported by industry leaders.


FIDO HYDRO opened in January 2020 and thankfully has been able to continue operating, with a few operational changes; as per the COVID-19 regulations. FIDO HYDRO now enables this essential rehabilitation service, to be easily accessible for dogs in Regional Victoria, through the provision of state of the art engineered, underwater treadmill equipment; with the latest advanced technology. Our facility has been specifically designed to ensure healing, a space which is truly relaxing, to reduce the stress and anxiety for both pet and owner; a clean environment which positively impacts on the bodies we treat.

Hydrotherapy dates back to ancient civilisations and gives years of quality of life to patients that receive our treatments.

Canine Hydrotherapy is an essential part of rehabilitation for dogs with unparalleled results. The water is constantly maintained at body temperature which helps relieve sore muscles, injuries, osteoarthritis, rheumatism symptoms, emotional or mental stress from accidents, illness or surgery. Patients experience a weightless feeling, getting relief from the pressure of gravity, giving muscles and joints respite from pain and stiffness.

Water based exercise reduces pressure on joints and muscles decreases lameness, increases coordination, improves balance, flexibility, muscle tone, stamina and strength. Stimulates the cardiovascular and lymph systems, increases blood flow in the body especially in the areas of injury therefore hastening the healing process. Canine Hydrotherapy has been well documented, showing dramatic results for dogs needing a low impact weight loss program. Hydrotherapy can assist with injury prevention and in some cases assist to avoid surgery altogether.

Benefits can be gained in as little as 1 to 2 sessions per week.

Pet Parent status?

I am the proud Caregiver of ‘Cheveyo’ 3 yr old Great Dane x (we think) Catahoula. This is his Native American name meaning Spirit warrior given to him when he was picked up by the Ranger and placed in the pound. We call him ‘Chevy’ for short. All he really wants is to love & be loved. We suspect he had been badly abused as a very young pup. He was super skinny, scared of a lot of things, reactive towards human men and other dogs. He didn’t know how to be a dog. With a lot of reassurance and training, he has come a long way and has taught me how to be brave. He has the sweetest of hearts!

What does a typical day look like in your world

Spending time in nature in our local area with my dog Chevy, treating dogs at FIDO HYDRO & completing clinic tasks, studying animal rehabilitation, enjoying time with my partner & cooking dinner.

Rapid Fire Questions

Proudest Achievement?

Opening FIDO HYDRO & being a Dog Mum!

Which breed would best describe your personality and why?

I think I would be described by my friends and family to be like a Miniature Fox Terrier! Loyal, inquisitive, fearless, active and adaptable.

Signature dance move?

Running Man!

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?


One thing you rarely admit to/guilty pleasure?

Watching trash TV!

Ultimate dinner guests dead or alive?

Both sets of my Grandparents, Billy Connolly, Sir David Attenborough, all my friends dead and alive and all my pets dead and alive.

Pet peeve?

People who are inconsiderate of others.

Alone time preferences?

Spending time in nature in the sun (always with my dog).

What do you own that you wish you didn’t?

Grey hairs lol.

Your family traditions only your family understands?

After Christmas lunch/dinner we go for a local bush walk.

Last binge edible or otherwise?

Cadbury Chocolate.

And finally why Antinol?

Because IT WORKS! It gives so much relief to so many dogs and greatly improves their well-being.

To find out more about Andrea & FIDO HYDRO here are their links:

Facebook: Fido Hydro canine therapy

Instagram: @fidohydro

Website: (under construction – coming soon!)

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