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Master Bowie Just Mesmerises

By Antinol Team

Written with love


The story of how a graphic designer, first time dog mum and digital artist started creating simply incredible food for her son.

Introducing Reisa Renata and Bowie a 5-year-old Labrador.

It was last year as Melbourne went into that heartbreaking extended lockdown whilst the rest of us were somewhat free that I first came across them. Feed scrolling stopped super abruptly every single time one of her creations popped up. Seeing this I think it’s easy to understand why.

Every time it was an experience – from the ingredient combinations, to the absolutely stunning plating to the look on Bowie’s face, the serving rituals and what has now become his trademark “the drool”.

As each month went on the creations kept getting better, the drool got drippier and you had to wonder surely she had peaked? Nup! The recent celebration of Bowie’s 5th birthday via 5 separate cakes were just incredible and inspirational.

The relationship they have and the life they lead together is just special

It’s not just about the food though it’s also about everything we at Antinol hold dear – being open, honest and transparent when it comes to raising a dog, striving to be the best parent that you can be and acknowledging there’s always ways to be better.

Above all it’s about waking up each day wanting our dogs to be as happy and healthy as possible.

We had the pleasure of digging a little more into the who and why behind Master Bowie recently by interviewing Reisa.

Tell us about Master Bowie: Breed, age, favourite traits?

Bowie is 5 year old Labrador. We suspect he’s a Dudley Labrador because he’s got pink nose, eye rims and light brown/grey eyes. He drools (often raining drools) while waiting patiently for ANY meals/treats.

Does Bowie have any favourite foods?

Does a lab have any favourite food hahaha… actually yes, it’s SEE-food.

Does Bowie have any party tricks?

We like to play choose game and sniffer game. The last item we taught him to sniff out was a $50 note.

What are Bowie’s most naughty/cheeky habits?

Stealing multiple socks in his mouth, faking going to the toilet so he can go in the car quicker, humping the bean bag without fail every night at exactly 8pm.

How long have you been fresh food feeding for?

About 2 – 3 years. It’s a slow and steady transition to full raw and fresh food feeding for us.

The real question: Are you a qualified chef?

No I’m not. I’m actually a trained graphic designer/artist with a passion for cooking, nutrition and love for dogs. I am actually self-publishing a dog-friendly recipe book called Bowie Drools Over Dumplings. It’s based on our dumpling dog treat creation, with much more fun recipes and ideas suitable for all dogs (raw-fed/hybrid/kibble diet/dogs with allergies etc).

What inspires your dishes?

Anything, from human’s foods to nature, our surroundings, and of course Bowie himself. An idea or a story may pop up in my head (normally during one of my hot showers hahaha…) and then I look at Bowie’s meal ingredients that day and start transforming them into something fun and creative. For me the whole process from ideation to finished meals is like my creative outlet and is very therapeutic. Bowie is very much involved throughout the preparation too. In a way, it’s like our bonding session.

How long does it take you to prep a masterpiece for Bowie?

Depends, it can take from 15 minutes to an hour, including taking photos hahaha…

Do you make amazing food like this for yourself?

I always love to entertain and cook for my family and friends. But since the pandemic, I’ve found another loyal customer in Bowie!

How long have you been using Antinol for?

It must have been 2 years or more… Bowie had multiple leg injuries (on and off) when he was about 1 y.o. to 2 y.o. He’s fully recovered now. But because of that I started investigating joint supplements.

How has Antinol helped Bowie?

I give Antinol for Bowie’s maintenance, support and general health and wellbeing. Combining Antinol with raw and fresh food feeding, I’ve noticed (and so as many people) that Bowie is very energetic and nimble for a 5 y.o. dog. He’s running around with puppies and young dogs half of his age/even younger. I’ve also noticed that his coat is very smooth and shiny, and his eyes are clear and bright too!



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