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Meet Dougie and Moose - the Dynamic Duo

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Dougie and Moose

When it comes to the ultimate ‘partners in crime’, Dougie and Moose are Antinol favourites. This dynamic duo is renowned for their exceptional photo bombing skills on the Fresh Food Feeding For Dogs – Kibble Feeders Welcome Facebook support group.

We decided to find out exactly what makes these two tick:

Dougie – 7 years old, Shar-pei, Staffy Mix

Moose – 3 years old, Rottweiler

What was life like before Antinol?

Moose showed stiffness and somewhat clicky joints after laying down for long periods of time (usually after a big exercise session).

For Dougie, we saw a lot of pain related behavioural issues such as stiffness, grunting a lot while laying curled up in a ball and he also had frequent episodes of itchy – flaky skin. Dougie rarely played with toys or played with Moose much.

How long have you been using Antinol?

Only 4 months.

What are some changes you have seen?

For Moose, being a large/giant breed, we started giving Antinol as mostly preventative measure. I have noticed less stiffness and soreness after big days of exercise. I have also noticed less clicky joints after laying down for long periods of time.

For Dougie, who was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease less than a year ago we have noticed a big improvement in his overall mobility. He stretches out more when sleeping, he chases and plays with Moose more and also plays with toys more, his demeanour is much calmer.

Dougie is a rescue who came from a pretty abusive and neglectful past and has some pain related behavioural issues, although these issues are still present, they are less intense since being on Antinol. We have also starting to notice less scratching, his dominant breed being Shar-pei, he sometimes gets itchy flaky skin.

What makes Dougie and Moose tick?

Moose’s favourite hobby is a good game of ball, he also enjoys beginner’s agility, intermediate obedience, swimming, napping and of course – he loves his food.

Dougie is a bit more of a couch potato. He does enjoy sunning himself and chasing lizards around the back yard. He also likes to trick Moose into getting off the couch so he can take his spot. Dougie loves doing enrichment and finding goodies scattered through the yard and he absolutely looooves car rides!

Do they have a party trick?

Moose knows lots of little party tricks, he can weave, place paws, spin, boop nose, photo bombing just to name a few.

Dougie’s party trick is benchtop surfing and being stubborn (haha)

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