Susan and her Rescue Dogs

Susan and her Rescue Dogs

Antinol Team

By Antinol Team

The Miraculous Journey of Our Rescue Dogs

Meet Oakland

Oakland, our beloved rescue dog, is estimated to be around 17 years old, turning 18 on September 15th, which we've designated as his birthday.

A Traumatic Past

At 9 years old, Oakland found himself in a shelter for over 300 days after being rescued from an abusive home. He suffered severe physical abuse, including being kicked, beaten, and cut with boxcutters, which left him blind. His body shut down his vision to cope with the constant punishment. Oakland's fear and anxiety were profound due to his blindness, making him terrified of any noise or sudden movement.

The Road to Recovery

When we adopted Oakland, he was extremely malnourished and covered in fleas. His anxiety was so intense that he struggled with simple activities like eating or using the bathroom. He was terrified of every noise and being left alone. We worked patiently with him, providing constant reassurance and care.

A New Life of Love

Slowly, Oakland began to trust us. He learned to navigate our home and found joy in playing with his favorite toy, the giggle ball. Despite our best efforts, Oakland's eyesight couldn’t be saved, and his eyes had to be removed. He also suffered from arthritis, which made his movements painful.

The Antinol Plus Miracle

Antinol Plus played a crucial role in improving Oakland’s quality of life. Within weeks of starting this supplement, his arthritis pain decreased significantly, and he started playing with his giggle ball again and enjoying his walks. Watching him move without pain and enjoy life has been a reward beyond words.

Little Kansas: Another Tale of Hope

Kansas, another one of our rescues, is also 17 years old. Found abandoned and severely malnourished, Kansas had ripped out his own fur due to flea infestations. He was covered in sores and scabs and had lost most of his fur.

When we rescued him, his previous owners claimed they never had a dog and didn’t want him. Over the past two years, Kansas has transformed. His fur has grown back, his skin is healthy, and he has learned to trust and enjoy cuddles.

Recently, Kansas started showing signs of arthritis. After starting him on Antinol Plus, his mobility and happiness improved significantly. He now moves with more energy and enthusiasm, enjoying his life to the fullest.

Introducing Brooklyn

Brooklyn is another one of our rescue dogs, a little mini Snoodle who was saved from a puppy farm. Due to his traumatic past, Brooklyn has always remained timid, though he shows bravery when needed. His gentle nature captures everyone's heart.

Over the years, Brooklyn has struggled with back problems, requiring countless vet visits and chiropractic sessions. Two and a half months ago, he hurt his back again, leaving him in excruciating pain. Even after a course of anti-inflammatory tablets and painkillers, he was still not himself. Suspecting arthritis, we started giving him Antinol Plus in his meals.

The Antinol Plus Transformation

Within a few weeks, Brooklyn's pain subsided, and he regained his puppy-like bounce. It’s remarkable to see our frail little boy, who will be 18 on July 5th, moving pain-free. While he now needs a sweater to keep warm, especially on colder days, he moves freely and happily on warmer days. Antinol Plus has truly given him a new lease on life.

Celebrating Resilience

The stories of Oakland, Kansas, and Brooklyn are testaments to the resilience of rescue dogs and the incredible transformations that love, care, and the right supplements can bring. We are thankful for every moment with these wonderful dogs and the products that help improve their lives.

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