The 4 Fabulous Feline Furs: what you need to know!

The 4 Fabulous Feline Furs: what you need to know!

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Cats are the fabulous fashionistas of the animal kingdom, renowned for their beautiful array of coats in all lengths, textures, and colours. Knowing the ins and outs of cat coat varieties not only deepens your admiration for these majestic creatures but also amps up your pet care game. Let’s explore the 4 main categories of cat coats; short, medium, long, and hairless breeds.

Short Coats

Short-coated cats have fur that lies close to their bodies, giving them a sleek and glossy appearance. Breeds like the Siamese, Abyssinian, and American Shorthair fall into this category. Their low-maintenance coats require minimal grooming, making them ideal for busy pet owners. However, short-haired cats can still shed, so a regular grooming session can help keep you home fur free and fabulous. Keep your cat preoccupied while you groom them with some tasty treats - it’s OK to use bribery!

Medium Coats
Cats with medium-length coats have fur that is slightly longer than short-haired breeds but not as long as those with long coats. Popular medium-coated breeds include the British Shorthair, Bengal and Exotic Shorthair. These felines flaunt a plush, dense fur that may require more frequent grooming to keep it tangle free and reduce shedding. However, with some TLC, medium-coated cats can stay looking glamorous and maintain a luxurious, healthy coat.

Long Coats

Long-haired cats are known for their stunning and often fluffy coats, demanding regular pampering sessions to maintain their elegant look. Breeds such as the Persian, Maine Coon, and Ragdoll are famous for their long, flowing fur. While long-haired cats may require more maintenance, the extra effort is often rewarded with a beautiful and lavish coat. Regular brushing helps prevent matting and helps avoid those pesky hairball situations, which can be a concern for these beautiful breeds.

Hairless Breeds

Not all cats are fluffy! Cool cats without a fur coat include the Sphynx and Peterbald. Even though they're not rocking a furry ensemble, these felines still need a bit of spa time for their skin and to prevent oil buildup. Don't forget to keep them warm or cool - without their fluffy layer, they might need a hand in extreme temperatures. But fear not, these hairless wonders are just as cuddly and mischievous as their fluffy buddies!

Understanding the different types of cat coats is essential for providing appropriate care and attention to your feline companion. Whether you prefer the low-maintenance of short-haired breeds or the elegance of long-haired cats, there is a coat type to suit every cat connoisseur! To maintain those beautiful locks, your feline friend will love our Antinol® supplement, made with Green Lipped Mussel oil and omega fatty acids for cats. 

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