The Balanced Canine - Sacha Packer

The Balanced Canine - Sacha Packer

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Humans of Antinol: Sacha Packer

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Sacha Packer


Multi-modality Practitioner

About The Balanced Canine

The Balanced Canine provides a variety of services to help dogs live their best lives such as adjustments, soft tissue work, laser, fitness & nutrition. The bulk of my clients are performance & show dogs who need to be in their best physical and mental condition to perform well and avoid injury. I also work with a lot of companion dogs who are struggling with injury or aches and pains that come with aging or simply being an active pet or weekend warrior. Helping clients from a multi-prong approach in my experience, delivers results that last.

The Balanced Canine Sydney Conditioning

Pet Parent status?

Little Man is an 11-year-old Labra-mutt, he was a foster dog who never left. He ended up staying not because I wanted him to but because I thought no one else would want him as he was incredibly destructive and a bit of a pain – as soon as I said out loud that he was staying, he knocked off that jazz and has been an absolute joy. He has enjoyed agility & nose works along the way but today at 11, he’s retired but his tongue is not, he’s known for being an eye licker too…watch out.

Gavin is a 7-year-old Great Dane and a retired show dog, his fancy name is Australian Champion Amasa The Gavinator. He’s far too lazy to want to do much in life so he chose retirement and now resides on the couch watching re-runs of the Kardashians. Gavin is a hoot, he comes across as rather dumb but I’m convinced he’s actually incredibly smart and has tricked us into thinking he’s dumb.

Ginger is my newest addition, she arrived as a 7-week-old foster dog who was meant to be a mastiff, I fell in love with her spirit and now at 1.5 years old she a bull breed mix and is a massive meat head, she’s incredibly funny and sweet and keeps me on my toes.

What does a typical day look like in your world

A typical day is office work until late afternoon and then one on one with client’s dogs until 8pm at night, it’s pretty flat out most of the time as I’m usually booked out 4 weeks in advance but I absolutely adore my clients dogs and I love seeing their results.

Rapid Fire Questions

Proudest Achievement?

Gavin the dumbest (or perhaps smartest) Dane, becoming the World’s first Trick Dog Champion.

Which breed would best describe your personality and why?

Ohhhh probably a French Bulldog, they don’t take themselves too seriously, they’re happy to chill out but when the moment is right, they’re the class clown.

Packaging rage – what product is responsible in your life?

Anything you have to push down and turn at the same time.

Signature dance move?

Good ole two step.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Salt n’ Vinegar corn chips from New Zealand

One thing you rarely admit to/guilty pleasure?

Eating Nutella straight from the jar.

Ultimate dinner guests dead or alive?

Freddie Mercury!

Pet peeve?

Long nails on dogs and overweight dogs.

Alone time preferences?

Listening to Audible.

What do you own that you wish you didn’t?

Domestic chores all of them hahaha.

Your family traditions only your family understands?

None! I don’t do birthdays or Christmas celebrations – call me the Grinch!

Last binge edible or otherwise?

Salt n Vinegar chippies

In 2021 I will be….

Expanding my affordable range of dog supplements and inspiring more pet parents to add fresh food to the bowl.

And finally… Why Antinol?

Because of its results, there simply isn’t anything better in my opinion. I’ve seen dogs who were about to be put to sleep for mobility issues get a second chance, that’s just amazing. You see fast results, you have opportunities to adjust dosage in challenging dogs, it’s not only great for symptomatic dogs, it’s a great preventative, wonderful to start puppies on as it also improves their trainability and great for those old dogs who may need some assistance with cognitive decline. I’m also loving the science on how omega-3’s influence gut health and well, Antinol has a tonne of that!

To find out more about Sacha & The Balanced Canine here are their links:

Facebook: The Balanced Canine Sydney

Instagram: @balancedcanine


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