labrador retriever named whiskey

Whiskey The Labrador Retriever

By Antinol Team

Written with love


The Labrador Retriever


True to his name 6-year-old Whiskey is a Labrador Retriever that is just getting better with age!

Whiskey the Labrador Retriever was adopted back in 2018 with some skin issues including itching, flaking and a very distinct smell.

A change to a fresh food diet went a long way to assisting this and Antinol was added earlier this year.

“He’s had a really amazing improvement”

We wanted to find out more and share his story.

Tell us about Whiskey: Breed, age, favourite traits.

Whiskey – 6 years old (DOB:26/8/2015), Labrador Retriever, male.

I adopted him in March 2018 when he was around 2.5 years old. His previous owner was feeding him a supermarket brand kibble. He has flaky and had itchy skin and he body had a very distinct odour all over.

This year in March, we noticed that he also had soreness and stiffness whenever he finished running at the park. This progressed to refusing to lay down in some cases.

Does Whiskey have any party tricks?

Whiskey loves to play with any dogs and humans and his favourite part is the first meet and greet. He loves to play with his best friends – George, Tiffany and his sister – Milly. He is a very gentle and behaved boy. He even knows every single basic command, spin, sit, stay, pee and poo… All the ones you need, right?

What is Whiskey’s most naughty/cheeky habit?

He is actually a gentle boy. However, he does have this magical skill of assassinating every one of my plants outside, by continuously peeing on it until it disappears. Maybe I should train him to pee on the weeds.

What do you currently feed Whiskey?

In March 2018, Whiskey was eating kibble plus some fresh foods.

In 2019, he has been transitioned from kibble to 100% fresh meals, including raw bones, cooked or raw meats, offal, fresh fruits and veggies.

How long have you been fresh food feeding for?

Since March 2018, it has been more than 3 years.

What inspired you to start fresh food feeding Whiskey?

In Feb 2018, we lost our Golden Retriever Max because of his heart disease. We were sad but curious about his heart disease his short life span of 8.5 years old. We began researching and found a stack of books that listed copious amounts of benefits of feeding fresh foods to the dogs. From that time, we believed that if dogs eat fresh we will be promoting good overall health and longevity.

Does he have any favourite foods?

Whiskey loves any foods, his favourite are banana and blueberry yogurt and of course raw meaty bones.

How long have you been using Antinol for?

3 months

What made you start using Antinol?

Since I joined the Fresh Food Feeding for Dogs Group – Kibble Feeders Welcome and noticed that there were so many pet parents have awesome results. So, I thought I would like to try it for my dog Whiskey.

How has Antinol helped Whiskey?

I decided to try Antinol because of Whiskey’s skin problems and his stiffness and soreness after running at the park. It’s had a really amazing improvement. I’ve noticed if he previously had a day of lots of jumping or running, he would be sore. After 2 weeks of Antinol he has not once pulled up sore.

In terms of his skin, he had problems since we adopted him as I mentioned above. Whiskey has had Antinol for 3 months and we noticed that his skin problem has had a huge improvement. He doesn’t scratch anymore, he doesn’t smell and the hair that was lost due to him scratching has come grown back.

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