The Animal Rehab Klinik and our Joint Issue partnership.

The Animal Rehab Klinik and our Joint Issue partnership.

Antinol Team

By Antinol Team

This years Sydney Dog and Cat Lovers Festival, we were blessed to have Rhys and his team from the Animal Rehab Klinik. We sat down and had a quick chat with him! We have also teamed up ARK to design and write a 'How to' guide to massage your dog or cat with joint issues! 
Who are you?
My name's Rhys Donovan - I'm one of the Co-Founders of the Animal Rehab Klinik. 
My career began back in 2009 when I graduated from UWS with a degree in osteopathy. I worked in private practice for a number of years before enrolling in a 2 year 'Post-Grad Diploma of Animal Biomechanical Medicine (ABM)', a course that's open to osteopaths, chiropractors and veterinarians who want to learn how to apply rehabilitative principles to animals. 
Outside of work, I try to get out a few days a week to mountain bike & play soccer with my mates, and earlier this year, my wife Danielle and I welcomed a little boy named Koen into the world. He's 4 months old now and keeping me very busy!
What is the Animal Rehab Klinik? How did the idea of the Animal Rehab Klinik come to life? 
The Animal Rehab Klinik emerged as a shift in my career focus after completing the ABM course. Treating animals was meant to be a side-hustle to my human practice, but it morphed into a dedicated venture for treating small animals.

My business partner, Matt, and I conceived the Animal Rehab Klinik upon realising the lack of accessible rehabilitative treatments in the veterinary industry. This revelation spurred us to fill that gap by offering rehabilitative healthcare treatments similar to those available to humans. 
What are you doing at our stall for this year's Sydney Dog and Cat Lovers Festival?
This year the Animal Rehab Klinik is partnering up with Antinol to do some live demonstrations of how you can massage & stretch your dogs & cats! It's something that raises a few eyebrows when we mention it - but it's not as ridiculous as it sounds. Just like us, older pets get stiff joints, sore muscles and can't move as fluidly as they used to. Massaging & stretching are some very simple things you can do to help them limber up!
Any big plans for the ARK in the future you can share with us? 
Yes! 2 things in fact
1. We're collaborating with Antinol on producing an in-depth arthritis guide for dogs and cats, so keep an eye out for this to be released later this year.
2. In the near future we'll expanding our services to another area in Sydney. Can't say too much yet, but we should be able to make an announcement later this year.
How do we get in contact with you? 
Contact us at the Animal Rehab Klinik
02 9188 0863

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