I’m just so stoked with this product

I’m just so stoked with this product

By Antinol Team

Written with love

Meet from L-R, Gunner 2 1/2, Aslan 4 1/2, Aurora 7, Caddie 12 and Kaala 11 yrs.

Both Azzie and Gunner are sons of Aurora.

“An update on my Golden Gunner. You may remember at 2 years of age he had been experiencing progressively worsening episodes of systems collapse every couple of months at just 2 years of age. His thyroid function almost non-existent poor immunity, really scary stuff. Over $5000 and still no diagnosis. I am thrilled to report not one further attack in almost 6 months and his anal gland issues have also cleared up! I also have started 3 other dogs – all Goldens on Antinol two who are 11 and 12 yrs.

Caddie at 12 has a slow form of Degenerative Myelopathy and laryngeal paralysis with outstanding results! He is back humping his blankets (didn’t realised he’s stopped lol) more hind end stability and moving more fluently and easily. Less husky and significantly reduced panting for the oesophageal paralysis.

My 11 yr old girl Kaala who is very well and more for preventative measures – she is more playful again with the younger dogs are her coat is lustrous.

And Aurora my 7 yr old goldie as a preventative measure.

I’ve recommended Antinol to several friends who I know have started as well. Also with amazing results! So thank you so much”

Sue Keane - The Keane Goldens' Human Review

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